Frequently Asked Questions

Western Independent Networks wishes to answer your specific questions regarding the services we provide. If the following list does not contain an answer to your question simply send us an E-mail and we’ll try to get an answer to you quickly.

Q. Who is WIN and what do they do?
A. WIN is a Network Management company and provides: Point to Point Special Access, Internet Backbone Bandwidth and transport, System Signaling Seven (SS7) connectivity and services, Ethernet Products and Transport Services, IP Voice Aggregation and Services, Network Operation Center (NOC) Services.

Q. What is network management?
A. It is the process of configuring, routing, operating, monitoring, security, reporting and accounting for telecommunications hardware and software to provide the highest system efficiency and effectiveness for customers and transmit content with the highest level of reliability.

Q. What areas are served by WIN’s connectivity?
A. With our Network resources, WIN’s primary region of coverage is Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Through the INDATEL Group we can extend coverage across the nation; and can arrange for international connectivity, when needed.

Q. Why should I choose WIN to provide my network services?
A. Since its beginning in 1985, WIN has proven its capability of “being there” for our customers when needed. WIN has a very competent staff and is backed by the many technical resources of its shareholder companies and other business affiliates. WIN continues be the “company that works for you”. Network reliability and customer satisfaction are our main focus.

Q. Will WIN work directly with my customers to resolve problems?
A. Always, we are the first point of contact and will work with all parties necessary to come to a quick and accurate solution to any problems.

Q. If one of I have a specific network design problem, can WIN help me solve these types of issues?
A. Yes, WIN’s network of engineering resources, both internally and externally, are ready to address your questions.