WIN provides best-in-class connectivity services throughout Oregon and the Northwest region. We can customize a solution from the below list of core products to meet your needs.

Ethernet Transport

Transparently connect multiple locations with the simplicity and flexibility of Ethernet.  WIN’s Ethernet Transport Service is a connection-oriented, multi-layer network solution delivering scalable, low latency, and secure guaranteed bandwidth.

  • EPL – Basic Ethernet transport providing secure and efficient point-to-point transport between 2 locations.
  • EVPL – Simple, secure, point-to-point or point-to-multipoint transport with the added capability of combining multiple services on a single UNI.
  • E-LAN – Link geographically diverse LAN’s using multipoint-to-multipoint transport enabling any-to-any communications on a single port at each location.

Direct Internet Access

Simple, manageable, and scalable internet access solutions providing high-availability connectivity with high-capacity bandwidth choices and robust Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

  • Fiber-based IP network
  • Symmetrical high-bandwidth
  • Scalable – flexible bandwidth options from 500Mb to 10Gb
  • Reliable – redundant routes and equipment
  • BGP connections – including MED policy support

Wavelength Transport

Dedicated, high-capacity spectrum providing the benefits of dark fiber without the required capital outlay and responsibility of owning and operating the network infrastructure.

  • Secure, dedicated, point-to-point, fully managed optical wavelength services
  • Scalable – 1G, 2.5G, 10G, up to 100Gb bandwidth increments
  • Supports multiple protocols – seamless support for IP, Ethernet, SONET, and SAN services

Western Independent Networks’ solutions enable you to efficiently control your costs while providing the best voice and data services available. To discuss your needs further, please use our Contact Us link or call our office at 503-612-4431.